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Christina Ames-Cotto

Christina Ames-Cotto, LMFT

I was born and raised in Southern California and identify as Latinx, queer, spiritual and a resilient person. I was inspired and continue to be motivated to be a therapist through my own trauma experiences in my life. Severe and persistent mental health is something I got to know well through care of others and is why I believe so strongly in individualized, non-judgmental, and collaborative care. In the six years I have been practicing as a therapist, I have worked with individuals who have overcame intimate partner violence, trauma, substance abuse, sexual health issues, low self-esteem and self-worth, and relationship issues including with the self. I have worked with individuals who through persistence, resilience, and the motivation to change find healthy ways to understand and manage severe mental health issues that hold them back from their goals.

Hope, growth, and healing come from three concepts that I believe every single person is capable of, deserves and can lead them to experience what life has to offer them. These are three concepts that continue to help me, and I hope can help you too.


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